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About us

Qingdao Yongchang Plastic & Metal Co., Ltd established in 1993, takes up an area of 46,000 square meters, with standard workshops up to 20,000 square meters, more than 10 million assets, working capital 15 million, registered capital 5 million. The company, in advantageous traffic situation, is located in the beautiful coastal Jiaozhou Bay, between Jiqing, Qinghuang and Tongsan highways, and 40 kilometers apart from Qingdao seaport and International Airport.

Qingdao Yongchang Plastic & Metal Co., Ltd. is a specialized plastic color printed factory which including the packaging enterprise integrating designing, production, printing and processing, main items of business, plastic packaging, injection and metal products production.

Plastic packaging:

Our company has three three-layer co-extruded PE blowing film production lines, two 9-colors plastic printing machines production lines, two high-speed dry type laminating machines production lines, two high-speed splitting and testing equipments, and various types of single-layer PE blown film machines, five full automatically microcomputer controlled high- speed bag making machines. The company has ability of producing all kinds of high quality LDPE film,PE bags, three sides sealed bags, back sealed bags, standing up bags, zipper bags, frozen pouch, retort pouch, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, degradable plastic bags and garbage bags etc. Products are widely used in foods,pet foods, tea, frozen products, veterinary drugs, too meet the automatic packaging, high-temperature boiling, pasteurization, subzero refrigeration, vacuum preservation, gas replacement requirements and exported to America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and many other countries.

Metal products:

Our company has automatic welding machine, draw bender, corner cutter, digital V-cut machine tool, digital LT312-12 die-turning press machine, digital bender, punch, plasma cutter, electric welder, tungsten polarity pulse WSE5-315KAC/DC drilling and welder and relative equipment, features shear, bending, coil, lathe, mill, plane, grind, polish, punch, press, cut, shear, saw, roll, weld, rivet, drill and automatic processing capacity, and assistance with varied special clamping fixture, mold, clamp fixture, mold, clamp, sling and other workmanship equipment.

Our metal products including garden fence, iron gates, steel barrier, wire container, roller container, metal bed, steel bin, pallet rack ,shopping trolley and zinc, hot-dip galvanized and powder coating products, All the products are selling well around the world.

The company pays attention to the selection and training talents, and try to build a relaxed suitable work space for personal development, Here you can play and cast the learning and expertise sufficiently. ”Eternal quality and thriving both” is our operation philosophy. Welcome to visit Qingdao Yongchang Plastic&Metal Co.,Ltd. Welcome all the friends to join us, and we will provide you with a wide platform.




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Tel:86-532-82299189 / 82299996


Address: No 506, Guangzhou North Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao City, Shandong, China

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